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    Naval Station Mayport



    Naval Station Mayport

    Post  Guest on Mon Jan 10, 2011 3:09 pm

    Naval Station Mayport (IATA: NRB, ICAO: KNRB, FAA LID: NRB) is a major United States Navy base in Jacksonville, Florida. It contains a military airfield (Admiral David L. McDonald Field) with one asphalt paved runway (5/23) measuring 8,001 x 200 ft. (2,439 x 61 m).[1]
    Since its commissioning in December 1942, NS Mayport has grown to become the third largest naval fleet concentration area in the United States. Mayport's operational composition is unique, with a busy harbor capable of accommodating 34 ships and an 8,000-foot (2,400 m) runway capable of handling most any aircraft in the Department of Defense inventory.
    Naval Station Mayport is also home to the Navy's reactivated United States 4th Fleet, which had been deactivated since the 1950s.
    The base has historically served as the homeport to certain conventionally-powered aircraft carriers of the Atlantic Fleet, including the USS Shangri-La (CV-38), USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CV-42), USS Forrestal (CV-59), USS Saratoga (CV-60), and most recently the USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67). With the decommissioning of all conventionally-powered aircraft carriers by the Navy, no carriers are presently assigned to Mayport. However, both houses of Congress have passed legislation authorizing about US $75 million for dredging and upgrades at Mayport to accommodate a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.[3][4]

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