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    The Journey to Great Heights



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    The Journey to Great Heights

    Post  Stukel001 on Wed May 18, 2011 2:41 am

    Victron Energy, Inc. was initially known as H&H Oil Co. Their headquarters are located at Texas, in a place called Waxahachie. From 2006, Victron Energy, Inc. has grown rapidly over the years and now they distribute fuel not only for branded fuels like ExxonMobil, Shell, Chevron, Texaco, Conoco and Valero but also for many other unbranded fuels. Victron Energy, Inc. is continuously expanding by constructing and acquiring new property. Its annual sales have increased to as much as three hundred million gallons. The annual sales were approximately twenty million gallons in the year 1997, when they were called H&H Co. and were a premier Exxon Fuel Distributor.
    Victron has associations with food franchises too such as Sonic, Krystal, Denny’s, KFC, Church’s and Subway. Victron introduced its own brand called Texas Best Smokehouse in 2006. In this they showcase their own private brand of candies, jams, nuts, wine and energy drinks. The other unique facilities feature barbecue, jerky, smoked meats and cheeses. In every way Victron Energy, Inc. has proved their worth and has been very creative in all aspects.
    The number of opportunities created by Victron is innumerable. It has given hopes and life to the honest and hard working people of the North Texas. The positive impact on the lives of the people cannot be disregarded. It has given them security for the present and hopes for the future. A great deal of credit goes to the person who heads this company, ali sharaf. It is his hard work, integrity and honesty that have helped him to reach such heights.

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